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this weeks obsession

my god posts from me take forever lol

this weeks is poetry angry poetry

here goes :
so sit here and remember how everything hurt
and then i call you up and i want an explaination you lie in my face of all places
good how stupid of me and i let you in thur my doorways
but i saved one for myself and that was my mind i save that for anyone you can tell me i am loved and worth their time
yes i feel low and yes i do need a hand but don't try to save me with one galant gesture cause it means so little to me
i will slap your hand away
i am a kutter i love the pain once a month maybe 3 times a day just leave it alone
don't try to understand me cause it just a waste of yours and my time
so yeah maybe i run but don't hold onto me it makes me run faster and farther away
i am happy most days but when the low hits just walk away when i want something i will tell you
then people in this world who try to read me
no one knows the inter chambers of my heart so stop trying to know them
i am done my rant feels done yeah
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